Paula Chambers, PhD, has been a leading voice in PhD career development since 1999 when she founded the first online community for humanities PhDs interested in non-academic careers. She has been featured in many academic journals and publications, including:


“Paula was both engaging and personable as she discussed the variety of opportunities which are open to Ph.D.s and graduate students. Her passion for helping all of us find our ideal career was apparent to everyone.”

Brice Russ

Ph.D. student, Linguistics, Ohio State University, now Social Media Producer for AAAS

“The most informative and eye-opening presentation I have attended during 7 years of PhD study.”

Kazuya Toyama

PhD Student, Chemistry, University Nebraska, Lincoln, now a patent agent

“Helpful and hopeful. That’s the biggest thing the talk did for me: help me understand all the ways in which I can market my skills. It’s really given me peace of mind that something will work out.”

Elizabeth Bell

Ph.D. candidate, Humanities, Ohio State University, now an Assistant Professor

“I appreciated Dr. Chambers’ candor. She really understands the joys and frustrations of academic life and most importantly the realities of what a Ph.D. can offer in terms of career choices.”

Ph.D. Student

Humanities, University of Texas, Austin, now a patent agent

“Paula speaks directly to the students, as someone who has been where they are and survived! So often these same students hear messages from the institution that are from the perspective of academy. She meets students where they are, and allows them to ask questions that perhaps could not be asked of faculty.”

John Dalton

Assistant Dean, Graduate School, University of Texas, Austin


Kathy Wallace

Assistant Dean, The Ohio State University